Liebster award.

Yet another liebster, guys! I’ve been nominated by Anushka this time. Tell me something girl, how’re you so positive in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for? I’m fallin’. Your questions are so simple, they’re complicated to me. Let’s start, shall we?? 1.When and how did you … Continue reading Liebster award.

Liebster Award

Hey folks! Lobster struck me again! I’m back with Liebster award, this time nominated by Manjul. Hello, Manjul, nice meeting ya. Her art gets me jealous. I still stare in awe and tell myself “Why don’t you try this?”, then I realise I can’t. Haha! You go, girl! Let’s get to the thick of it, … Continue reading Liebster Award

Note to self

The deeper we look, the shallower we are. No matter how perfect people are, there's always a flaw lurking deep within.Everyone is guilty of something, nobody is free from the consequences. Flaws make us what we are. Let's embrace our flaws. Before we forgive people, let's learn to forgive ourselves.