The twins.

“They hate each other. Neither wants to see their faces, fueled by jealousy and pride. The elder one the fire, the younger, a shadow. One brings light and the other, the night. The shadow steals light and light overshadows the night. They say the gods have separated them to sustain life for together they bring…

I am.

I am a biological sculpture drenched in sensory activities, capable of exhibiting emotions. My mind hides words and my talks become stories. I live a life of metaphors and ironies; change faces, cover my skin and masquerade. What I tread becomes my path, where I stand is my land; What I breathe is what I…


I thought I had wings and dreamt of flight, only to realise they were hands. Could barely crawl, yet life had me running after people and things. Everything was quiet and it was too late before I found my voice. I searched for myself through the eyes of people and ways of the world; now…

When blacks and whites Collide into grays; There is no rainbow, The sky is a disgrace; It is love that lasts forever, An eternity laid to waste; No home feels like home, Ain’t no solace, When you haven’t lost yourself And wore a new face.


If I can’t get your scars I’d rather not have you at all; ‘cuz there ain’t no sunshine Without the moon and stars.

Would ya?

I am a mirror Shattered across people Would you be the reflection?


When we realize And don’t act We are alive But dead, infact.


Parading myself In shame All along the way Walls fell, roads collapsed What’s left behind are Noise and debris Took different paths Scoured different ways Walked through the ashes Brushing off the pain Prisoner in some places Or a king in chains Broke the crown, I lost myself to people, Castle burnt to ground Carrying…