A writer’s whisper – collab

The inkling in my handSeeks refuge,Urging me to jot it down,A revolt rages within. My soul tries to breaks the walls of the dungeon,It craves to be let out;The pen is a prison,Paper is the land far away.Letting go would mean pain,There is no liberty without a price;Writing is evil,Something that I need to survive….

I am.

I am a biological sculpture drenched in sensory activities, capable of exhibiting emotions. My mind hides words and my talks become stories. I live a life of metaphors and ironies; change faces, cover my skin and masquerade. What I tread becomes my path, where I stand is my land; What I breathe is what I…

Blind fish.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so I heard. I flung the fishing rod into the air, hoping to catch some. Every time I whipped, the hook came back with nothing. Is it the bait? I switch it and try my luck again but everything goes in vain. I’m a poet, you see, It…


Now that I leapt, I’d enjoy the fall; It’s a flatline, I know When I hit the ground. Anushka: No matter where you go,You might fall;Be insistent and resilient to make sure,For in all this and moreThe past is long gone..!! (Her spontaneity is astonishing)


You touched my soul Like mountains embellished by fog; Ponderous yet fragile.

Sinful heart

Through the crevices of my broken heart leaks a dim light, the fleeting moments of joy; A Crimson world manifested by my bleeding eyes.


By the campfire, I sit Alone and sulking; I know Nobody can hear me, I see Through my eyes, tearing; I laugh At myself for believing; I curse The stars, the planets and you; I shiver Clutching onto my knees; I hear The cold winds talking to me; I am Alone and longing; I will…


Hey Dear Poet, Before it turns sour; For one last time Fuck that metaphor!


Dancing to the blues, high; Tripping on the road, side to side.. Talk to me darling, we are not alone, There are stars watching and the crescent moon! You took me by surprise; Unapologetic as I fight. Hold my hand, walk me home, If you swear not to leave, I’ll marry you tonight!

Drunk on love

It’s fun writing with you, girl. Damn! Vodka in my mind, Fill my glass, Sip some wine, Walk me home, Fall out of line, Wanna get dizzy, Lemme lean get me high. Like alcohol, I drink you in Taken over head, Got me stumbling, Can’t find the words, Got me stuttering, You’re not poison, You’re…

Lost and found.

In collaboration with the she-wolf, Stephanie. Where was your hand, When I fell to the ground? At night, searching lonely.. Your shadow nowhere to be found. When I screamed your name running, Your voice made no sound. Not in your arms, I’m homeless. But somehow, I’ve been found.

That country girl.

A girl like her mom Livin’ off crackers, Loves fox and the hound Hair, wavy, like the clouds And deep eyes, hazel brown Running into the fields, Always messin’ around Staring at the skies and stars Spending the nights Amongst the trees, singing songs Doing what she likes To hell with rights and wrongs Pluckin’…

Ah, yes. You.

You are that road far away Amidst the wilderness Through the skies, reflecting In the lakes You are a canvas that I paint Adding colours To my gray Like the heat of summer, Against the cold scathe I see you, in the weather And I fall, like the rain


I’m drunk on your love. When I cry for you, My tears taste like whiskey.


Forged by red, Molded by the sun, It was you who won me. Your words ignite the burn. In collaboration with Stephanie Roath

Where are you?

You have a name, I dare not write You have a story, life, an endless night We have memories, can’t help but recall Ours is an ending I remember, Everytime I fall Like stones on a mountain, your dreams are scattered The wind blows past my ears, like all our unholy vows uttered My hands…


You’re my drug You’re my therapy You’re the escape From my darkest side You’re my illness You’re the cure You’re my suffering And the happiness I hide

The grave

I wander in the graveyard Where your memories are buried Howling your name, The ghouls scurried In those voices, hid mine I approach an emtpy grave Awaiting my time Fill it up, before I die ‘cuz you have me suffocating Like I’m buried alive


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby

As I stand In this rain, Getting wet With all the pain Feeling numb It’s all the same There go my feelings Down the drain Walking down The memory lane, I realize Everything has gone In vain


I’ll be the candle, Let me burn for you Share my light, Share my warmth Let me melt for you


Oh You set fire to my soul Tell me, babe What do I do? Stop, drop and roll?

Being unsure

Unsure of my actions Unaware of my fate Blinded by Faith What am I But a mere bird on a wire


There are some roads I’d better not take There are some places I’d better not dwell There are some tears I dare not shed There are smiles I’d rather not show There is a part of me That I’d never let live

Too young to stay away Too old to bear the pain Too blind to see things change Too dead to live again

Bird in water

Sail away, little birdie The skies have abandoned you Times change, don’t you see? Tears won’t do you no good Through these waters, Make your way Hang on tight, Don’t you wither away The sapling has fallen It’ll take you home Follow the tide Until there’s no hope


Your voice is Music to my ears When I see you sing, I’m blind to my fears


Beautiful but insecure Her love was so pure Touch her, you’re injured A cactus for sure Aren’t you?

Made of flesh and bone Getting young, growing old Amidst the mountains, high and low In this river of Life, I row Tides of hope block my flow Winds whisper, “I told you so” Guided by wisdom Taking the path so old, Seeking courage in this world So cold I step into this land of…