“Enough with the frown (sadele)” she said, flipping her hair with pride. “How do you know?” “Do I have to?” She flipped her hair again. “Stop doing that with the hair” I retorted “Like you see it” “Do I have to?” 🐛

The time pass post.

Instant noodles in the bowl? Check. Water until the noodles submerge? Check. Now to turn the stove on, see that the fire is slim. The tastemaker/masala is ready, all I have to do is wait until the noodles soften. Five minutes later, I’m still standing by the stove waiting. They said it takes 2 minutes…

An old draft 2

I wish I could write a poem for you, darling; I wish I could sing for you but I laugh at that thought because it’d be as fake as our love. You wanted a pastime and I was lonely. Perfect match eh? Probably not. Oh how I hated your giggles! Remember when you laughed out…

Her pride Was like wildfire; Nonchalant.