Rain rain! Get the fuck away!

Hell hath rained it’s fury down on us; we turned waters into land, now the roads have become rivers and I ride home, through these waters, through the literal and figurative shit that has accumulated over the ages in the sewers. I ride my bike as rain rides me. I see noting. I hear them…

Run, dog! Run!

It’s raining and the roads are flooded with traffic, cars going bumper to bumper. There’s a dog trying to get to the other side; the light is sometimes green and sometimes red. He ran across. He goes haywire, he’s blinded by lights and reflections in the water. Within a blink, he’s in the middle of…

Would you be the sun In the winters of my life That's freezing in dismay? Would you be my beginning As hope ends, everyday? Would you be the song That comes with the wind Carrying fallen leaves away? Would you be my sky That brings the rainbow After a rainy day?

Ah, yes. You.

You are that road far away Amidst the wilderness Through the skies, reflecting In the lakes You are a canvas that I paint Adding colours To my gray Like the heat of summer, Against the cold scathe I see you, in the weather And I fall, like the rain

Barren was this land, Eroded soil and forgotten emotions A life lived in vain The sky forever cloudless That's when you came, Along with rain And everything changed The soil is fertile And now I can feel pain


Where has it gone? I remember shoving it inside the closet a month ago. I'm careless with things I think I'd never use. When I was a kid, an autorikshaw used to drop me at school. As I grew older, the modes of transportation have changed from bicycles to bus. With age came a rebellious…