So is life.

My heart is a crystal ball with an ecosystem inside. It expands in summers, contracts duringthe winters and celebrates a good rain. The sun shines through the woods of faith, waters of love flow around, like blood in veins. smell the soil and air, there’s life everywhere. Emotions and feelings live and breathe; eat and…


It went up and down; the road to me, appeared like a wave. I see people go about and I watch, like a tombstone at a grave. Sometimes I wish there was an epitaph engraved, on my forehead so people can read; what I was and what I could never be. The wind strokes my…

Lush green

I got a basket full of sunshineAnd a bottle full of windI hid warmth in my palmsAnd winters in my heartI wait for you in the gardenOf fairies and hopeI have a heart full of wishesAnd a mellow soulIf you want meFind meWalking down the slope


They say every girl is unique in her own way; they also say girls are all the same. I say why not both?? No two girls are the same, until they become your girlfriend. Ps. Don’t start ranting about men, por favor. (Also: like I give a shit)

I don’t know

How do you know someone? What do you say to that? We tend to explain under what circumstances we met and what led us here. Does that mean we know them?? We recognise people based on their traits and interactions. That’s getting acquainted but do we know them? If we don’t, how do we know?…

Shamble – collaboration

It’s real, it’s right yet unusual . Do I say it? Or just watch us moving apart? The dream that I want to chase, I let it pass me by, within the blink of an eye. Who decides fate? Sometimes it’s best to let things be, hoping to escape misery. But sometimes I wonder; What…

If I were a book written in a language that you don’t know and you bought it without noticing, would you learn the language or throw me away??

You and I

I’m you, when you fight yourself, resisting change, looking for something new and crying over what to choose. I’m you, when you are recluse, craving company; scared knowing what you’d lose. I’m you, when you laugh in the moments of indecisiveness, not knowing what to do. You’re me if you think what I say is…

Ain’t no word.

“I’m a book” she said “you can either be a chapter or a page, you decide” I wanna be neither, honey; I either own the book or borrow.


A tingling sensation crawls down my back; the kisses my skin now misses. The wind hugs me from behind, can’t get your hands off of my mind and I still feel like our fingers are intertwined. I’m not scared of mornings anymore, every day gets me a little closer to you. Now I know, it…


What’s said shall be forgotten, What’s written shall fade; What’s heard is distorted, What’s known shall be wronged. When the pages go missing, when voices go unheard; there is noise and an abyss, you and I are lost.


A diamond in the rough, she grabbed me by the scruff; said “Shut up and move, you played enough” Past the streets, through the subways where we first met We dashed forward, this romance will be tough She said there’s music, she said we’d dance Oh poor darling, I’m tone deaf. Do you like my…


Oh it was a nice evening, perfect for a stroll. There were trees on either sides, like cliched philosophical and metaphorical representations. That little girl is walking with a balloon, looking at the clouds slowly scattering away, smiling. She was smiling, okay? Not the clouds. Not the clouds. Did I tell you that the balloon…

Stay with me.

Would you be my compatriot? We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall talk; turn our faces in disquiet. There’s music, there are drinks, there are people we shall meet; there are sorrows, there is pain, tiny moments of joy taking our breath away. I can wipe your tears, you can dry my eyes; we’ll…

Stop for a minute.

Oh I’ve had women, babe. Women who looked better and kissed great but all I could give them was a heartbreak. There’s nothing that I didn’t try, wept until the eyes dried; to get over you, move and and live my life and here you are, like every fucking time. Where were you when I…


“Enough with the frown (sadele)” she said, flipping her hair with pride. “How do you know?” “Do I have to?” She flipped her hair again. “Stop doing that with the hair” I retorted “Like you see it” “Do I have to?” 🐛

Hawa aane do.

I packed my bags, tossed them out the door. They’re yours now. Take ‘em and fuck off. (Don’t expect things to rhyme every time)


There are things that can’t be expressed in words; calling it love would be insulting to what I have for you, like searching for a pirate ship in shallow waters. There are things that can’t ever be mine. Be it words or you.


You’re gonna feel incomplete. There will be a part of you that you’ll miss for the rest of your life; a void. Your smile will never be the same but you will never be this ‘you’ again either. Let me drift apart slow, you’ll find another, darling, like I’ve never been here before. I’m taking…


You know why I let you go, don’t you? It took me a hundred cups of coffee and a great deal of ink to finally realise; An aching head hurts more than an aching heart.


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.


You’re my migraine, I am your pills; You don’t need those, I don’t want you.


“You know why we can’t be together?” She rolled her eyes to the left. “Why?” He muttered , giving out a tired sigh. “You know me for what I’m, you know what I do and how I do what I do, you are a harsh critic but most importantly you’re my best friend. And best…

These nights, I swear.

Sometimes you need a clear sky, A moon, some stars And the audacity To say “fuck off”.

In plain sight.

I was the truth that You wish, stayed hidden; I am a lie That you hide but can’t escape from.


Let me go, Let me live; You can run, I can forgive.

Hope. 🐛

Sometimes I wish Time stopped; Sometimes I wish Time moved faster; And all the time , I wish You’d stop And we’d move faster, Together.


Your presence Was like a candle In my life That burned in broad daylight There’s no point anyway.

It’s that time of the season.

You can never be my sunrise, I can never be your sunset; I am not amongst the stars, You can never be my moon; The universe can’t conspire, Nothing’s written on the wall; We write our own story, Then take different paths, The sky takes another colour, World wears a new weather. And until it’s…

What have you done?

We could always have been the should have beens. But now, we’re might’ve beens. Kudos to us, thanks to you. If you don’t mind, can you Move out of my way?