What have you done?

We could always have been the should have beens. But now, we’re might’ve beens. Kudos to us, thanks to you. If you don’t mind, can you Move out of my way?

Good morning.

She wove the wool like braids for her hair; she tied it to my hand, couldn’t help but stare. Her breath smelt like fresh mints, the one people chew after they smoke. She tied it so hard, it reminded me of all the times I was constipated. Is this real? Or is this all inside…


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.


That sad moment when you know That You helped her find herself At the cost of losing yourself.

One more night.

If only I knew, This would be our last Night together; If only you knew What you said Wouldn’t last forever; If only the sun would stay down If only we could have each other right under these covers Wouldn’t that be enough, Aren’t you the best, ever Wouldn’t that be love Forever and ever?…

True story.

Women are like cars; The farther I chase, The faster they go. Love is like the stars; The longer the night, The more hope I had. I am a clear sky, Neither stars Nor cars.

The way it is.

You were the same old song With different lyrics; Ours was a different story With the same ending; Everything that comes together Has to fall apart. Anything that moves away Will know it’s place; In due time.


You set fire to my heart Now a hundred more Burn along


If earth becomes the sky Are we the stars? Do our connections make Constellations?


Isn’t it strange When you want to shout aloud In the crowd but you can’t And when you’re alone, you won’t? Isn’t it strange When we know what we want And what we want Isn’t what wants us? So say Fuck you and move on

Two ifs.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt about women from all these years of my existence, it’s this: If a woman decides to leave, there’s nothing you can do to get her back. Better learn to let go of her or you’ll end up losing yourself.


Will you talk to my eyes? Can you see through my words? Can I soak in your waters? And drown in your light? Do you hear my silence? Can you touch my pain? Can you smell my fears? And end it all again?

Single. ;)

I lived with people I loved alone I talked to people I’m still a stone


If I can’t get your scars I’d rather not have you at all; ‘cuz there ain’t no sunshine Without the moon and stars.


The road was wide open; nobody except me and my dad on his old scooter which I hated. He was going slow, which I hated more. “C’mon! There’s nobody else on the road, what’s the worse that could happen? Go faster!” I groaned. A few moments later, I could see other vehicles crossing us, passing…


A fire burns From under my skin Look into my eyes, baby You ready to sin? Sweaty pores, naughty chores Lights so dim We get to work now Let’s sing Give wings to my dreams Add silence to my screams And tears to my eyes Don’t stop whispering Now nose to nose Ears to teeth…


We found Harmony In Cacophony.


“Do you know what it’s like when we see you walking home drunk?” He said, clenching his fists, containing his fury, trying to stay composed as tears swept his face. “I’ve been living like a stranger in my own house for more than twenty years now, kid. Let that sink in.” Said the father, collapsing…


You’re to me, Like dreams are to sleep Sometimes a nightmare, Sometimes, sweet Forever in my mind’s eye Lost when I lose the sleep (Come, let’s count sheep)


“I love you” “I love you more” “Okay then, bye.” And they lived happily ever after. Sometimes, love is merely an answer and separation, a solution.


This man had a golden ring That guy could dance and sing The pale man held you by your hip The fat guy gestured me to sit Sometimes I waited in that car Other days, I’d just stand afar Won’t dare imagine where you were When you come back crying, hiding a scar Took the…


I think of you everytime My lips bleed My skin yearns for yours Desires, dying to be freed Every inch of my skin Carrying your scars Is a holy Grail made By your fingernails This neck craves for your bite My cave thirsts for your light The sweat reminds me Of our might The bed…

Giving up

Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know How much I tried? Lost count of the times I’ve cried Judge me if you must Now I’m tired Everything that I had for you Has now dried


“You know the scariest part of us being together?” He said, looking at her as she looked away “I miss you even when you’re right beside me. Where have you gone?” “You changed”, retorted the girl with a melancholic frown. “If I did, you wouldn’t even notice it.” Was his reply as he slowly walked…

How do you expect me to see, When your love has me blinded? Where was this noise from? It has left me deafened. What do I say, When you took my voice away? Where do I go, now that you left me In the middle of nowhere!

Sneaky little scammers

What do you do when you need a recharge? I usually get it done online or from a store where they sell it. But there are people who think out of the box and act inside the box. The box I’m referring to here is mobile phone. Look, I never thought I’d find beggars on…

Your only mistake dear Was wanting me When you weren’t sure Of what you wanted

My kind of love.

“What?” She shrieked and a smirk followed. “What?” I repeated, holding her toes between my fingers, perfectly intertwined. “You shouldn’t touch the feet of women, know that? Makes a dent in your manliness.” I bent down, kissed her feet and looked right into her eyes “What kind of a man doesn’t love his woman’s toes?”


I love you so much that When I see your pretty hair I wanna mess it up And run away 🐛

Plenty of fish in the sea Plentiful of cats in the alley I’m neither in the alley Nor at sea What I have Are thousands of miles In between I look out of the window And wonder why A girl like you would Choose me