Rain rain! Get the fuck away!

Hell hath rained it’s fury down on us; we turned waters into land, now the roads have become rivers and I ride home, through these waters, through the literal and figurative shit that has accumulated over the ages in the sewers. I ride my bike as rain rides me. I see noting. I hear them…


I walked with my eyes closed to know how far I’d go without bumping into whatever came my way. I could smell the rain, it’s about to take the leap of faith but the clouds looked too adamant, I saw them before I closed my eyes. The first step was cautious, second a little loose;…


The world stops nowhere but it is headed somewhere; The roads may lead to nowhere but have to end somewhere; I know I am going nowhere then why start somewhere?

The End.

For a lifetime, you say, In that lie, I lay Dreaming of the day I’d fly Never realizing There exists no sky No roads to converge Neither a divide You might be the sun, But baby I’m the night

Walk with me?

To lands far away, I walk To heal my heart, I walk To make you smile I break my heart I move away I walk


“You know the scariest part of us being together?” He said, looking at her as she looked away “I miss you even when you’re right beside me. Where have you gone?” “You changed”, retorted the girl with a melancholic frown. “If I did, you wouldn’t even notice it.” Was his reply as he slowly walked…


There are some roads I’d better not take There are some places I’d better not dwell There are some tears I dare not shed There are smiles I’d rather not show There is a part of me That I’d never let live