I’m in the orbit, you be my sun; I’ll be your man, you be my earth. Pull me close, pull me down; Make me go round and round.. Your presence, my gravity.


From the reflections in wine glasses to stained mirrors that show us our faces, I noticed our hair grow long and cut short; clothes go tight and loose but the cassette player atop the shelf kept playing the same old tunes. I wonder why we never listened to anything else. There were photos up the…

A place to be

Look where we have arrived; this place shines bright at night. They’re swimming in tears, tripping on guilt, these ailing bipeds and dancing to music of breaking hearts. “To glory” they say, the hedonists who reign their own worlds, going down the spiral of caprice and sin. Avarice had plagued them since long but look…


As much as I’d love to believe the sun shines for us and the moon personifies beauty, I know we’re deluded. A star that burns and a chunk of rock that steals light can’t inspire. Romanticism, that’s what literature has become. What is life but a celebration of perpetual vanity?

Necessary evil.

Your lips merged into mine like thorny vines, painted red with my blood; I squeeze you into me easing our souls at war. The friction between us set the house on fire as we lay in bed, colliding, burning in desire. My salty skin cherishes your fingernails digging in, rashes, paving way to paradise, tonight…

Do you hear me?

I sat on that old rock and spoke to the moon; There were stories to tell, ballads to sing, he was there, quietly listening. The choppy fluvials leapt with the winds, singing chorus to the birds as they passed by, flying. There’s a lot to complain about, tonight; My words are tired of their plight….


You touched my soul Like mountains embellished by fog; Ponderous yet fragile.


How do you do this? I feel your fingers running on my chest, like a feather going down the silks; the way you reached my back and then my arms, tickling, like pearls rolling down my skin, a touch so exquisite, it feels like heaven. Is that your hair on my face? Like wind on…

A moment.

It’d have been forever, y’know….. This moment. If only you’d let me.


Talk that talk, Walk that walk, Wear your pink sweater and red sock; You float around the house like a fleeting cloud, I see you come as I turn around; I count your toes, I kiss your feet, I’m telling you, to you I’m bound. Come to me baby, turn the music on, We dance…


You’re to me, Like dreams are to sleep Sometimes a nightmare, Sometimes, sweet Forever in my mind’s eye Lost when I lose the sleep (Come, let’s count sheep)


Oh You set fire to my soul Tell me, babe What do I do? Stop, drop and roll?

My kind of love.

“What?” She shrieked and a smirk followed. “What?” I repeated, holding her toes between my fingers, perfectly intertwined. “You shouldn’t touch the feet of women, know that? Makes a dent in your manliness.” I bent down, kissed her feet and looked right into her eyes “What kind of a man doesn’t love his woman’s toes?”

Where your love and hate Coincide Where your soul feels weightless And lights up inside Where you can be angry But not used to it and cry Where you don’t need wings But can fly Where you can be with me And just be mine I’ll meet you there Believe me, girl Everything Will work…