I admit I lie but let me tell you now, I’ve decided not to anymore but when I’m down and low, can I pretend to be okay? Will you stop asking questions? Will you just sit with me, in the quiet? The smile on my face might be fake but right now, it’s as real…

This darkness

I rubbed my finger against the wall and it turned black like my shadow, dense and opaque. Whatever I touched, wherever I went, obscured; all the light absorbed. Nothing emitted, nothing gets out. There are no roads, neither a path, not one direction yet I walk. The world bled red but why it did was…


Sometimes the best thing about love Is secrecy; the bane of secret love Is that it dies so.


Isn’t it strange When you want to shout aloud In the crowd but you can’t And when you’re alone, you won’t? Isn’t it strange When we know what we want And what we want Isn’t what wants us? So say Fuck you and move on

The tears from my eyes, won’t tell you any story; The voice that died, refuses to say sorry; Those nights aren’t aware of the dreams downright scary; These lips now hide the burden I carry; Do you hear my silence? Can you read my thoughts? Do I have a choice? I want to be left…

The final chapter

I don’t turn pages I burn the book down We’re all lost mazes And further we drown Memories, fading images Silence, our sound Living through phases, Spirits, buried in the ground