If only

The sun comes up, the sun goes down and the moon comes around and it goes on and on. There’s sweetness in the air and reflections in water; I sense life in trees and I begin to wonder If The sky is a jar of honey, dim and golden; like the peak of my youth…

Rhyme for today

In the red house lives the red lady; she dances by herself in her red gown, the husband is out of town. In the blue house lives the short lady; juggling routines, chasing life. She’s got the blues. The other house isn’t green, concealed amidst the trees; There are flowers and bees but the lady,…


I don’t know, sometimes it’s like I’m holding a ladder upright, really tight with nothing to lean on; dreaming of climbing my way into the skies. I might fall on my face but at least I’d own it.

Losing yourself.

Sometimes I look at the clouds and wonder, are they as lost as I am? My thoughts drift across the sky with the clouds up high. Then I realise even losing yourself comes at a price.


I looked up to the sky and hoped for nothing. What could it even offer? I wanted the world That’s already been sold. They say it is cold But then, you sell your soul To faith, to work, to life and oh! Love! Kisses, never moist, eyes, always closed; Words so deep, voices shallow. Freedom…


Oh it was a nice evening, perfect for a stroll. There were trees on either sides, like cliched philosophical and metaphorical representations. That little girl is walking with a balloon, looking at the clouds slowly scattering away, smiling. She was smiling, okay? Not the clouds. Not the clouds. Did I tell you that the balloon…

Blind fish.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, so I heard. I flung the fishing rod into the air, hoping to catch some. Every time I whipped, the hook came back with nothing. Is it the bait? I switch it and try my luck again but everything goes in vain. I’m a poet, you see, It…

I set out at dusk, the road is warm and dusty. The sun’s retreating, you see, scared little twat knows I’m out to get him. The sky is bare now, its nakedness turns me on. The clouds take their time to dress it up; ah! there they are, the stars! Sneaky bastards! I hear the…

cat on a wall.

There’s a stone wall so high, going up there felt like being in the sky. There’s a cat on that wall staring at the clouds; feeling the wind wrapping around his body, growing more intense with each fleeting second. He doesn’t want to go back to where he came from, there’s nothing left there. The…


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.


If earth becomes the sky Are we the stars? Do our connections make Constellations?


“I love you.” He said, looking at her face reflecting the moonlight. “OMG! A shooting star! I’ve never seen one before. You said it and it just happened. What is this?” She shrieked in awe. “In that case, darling…” He whispered “I’d shoot every fucking star out of the sky.”

That country girl.

A girl like her mom Livin’ off crackers, Loves fox and the hound Hair, wavy, like the clouds And deep eyes, hazel brown Running into the fields, Always messin’ around Staring at the skies and stars Spending the nights Amongst the trees, singing songs Doing what she likes To hell with rights and wrongs Pluckin’…

Ah, yes. You.

You are that road far away Amidst the wilderness Through the skies, reflecting In the lakes You are a canvas that I paint Adding colours To my gray Like the heat of summer, Against the cold scathe I see you, in the weather And I fall, like the rain


In a world filled with stars In a galaxy full of worlds I wander As an insignificant speck of dust I look at the sun, in daylight Under the dark sky And moonlight, I wonder Why do we talk to stones? Believe in an existence, unknown? What is sin? What is just? What are morals?…

Barren was this land, Eroded soil and forgotten emotions A life lived in vain The sky forever cloudless That’s when you came, Along with rain And everything changed The soil is fertile And now I can feel pain


Pain, my dear And nothing else Keeps me sane ‘cuz when I looked up To the skies for sun, All I got was rain


I’m just gonna lay here tonight Searching for you From star to star Connecting the dots Constellations apart