Whispers – collaboration

The wind has agreed to carry, my words in its liberal womb. We shall wake some trees from sleep and whisper songs beside the lonely tomb. Yesterdays hide within my heart, shielded by sorrows. I whither slowly, dreaming of tomorrows. Do you hear me, o resting soul! This is my lullaby, my sleep has waned….

That was just a dream

I wish I closed my eyes a little longer just to dream, to dive into the fantasies of subjective realities hiding under the subconscious. It scares me to death; what I see and I wake up to reality. I tell myself “that was just a dream”. Maybe reality is a dream and what I dream,…


I’ve dreamt for long Of wings, of sins, of air that fills and the voice that sings; for this heart of mine has mourned for long, of words that slipped, of tears spilt and life I’ve lived. Wake me up, stranger, tell me what I missed; if you hear regrets, put me back to sleep.


What do i write? Of the demons that hide under my skin? Of the spirits that haunt my dreams within? The ghouls that wander when I’m sleeping, singing lullabies, weeping. I’m not alive, I’m not dead but I’m right here, enough said.

I gotta stop.

Blood exuded from cuticles. It crawled down my fingers, reaching the palm; I close my fist tighter to bleed more, pressing harder. A sharp pain surges into my brain, I’m conscious and vain. It tastes sour, this blood of mine; I hear the rain and it’s half past nine. Dinner is served.


All I have are my dreams. What they are and where they come from? I know not, brother. They’re as lost as I am. I dream of everything, I dream of nothing; Everything is nothing and nothing becomes everything.


And in the night when you hear their voices They slip you into slumber You won’t want to wake up Again


If I slept yesterday, Wake me up today; If I don’t, put me to sleep tomorrow.


Eyes shut tight, I started counting sheep. One sheep, two sheep, fuck! I can’t sleep. Mosquitoes play symphonies, ceiling fan is slow and squeaks. I wish this unto no one, this fate of a sweating body and an itchy crotch. If there’s any species that never runs out of food, it’s mosquitoes. Those assholes feed…


How do you do this? I feel your fingers running on my chest, like a feather going down the silks; the way you reached my back and then my arms, tickling, like pearls rolling down my skin, a touch so exquisite, it feels like heaven. Is that your hair on my face? Like wind on…


I know now, what I am; what I can be. I’ve embraced the asshole within me, come to terms with him and know this, my love, that I love you. When I’m with you, I feel no pain; when I’m with you, it feels like life isn’t vain. I forget my suffering when I tend…

Resting in pieces.

Sleepless nights never bothered me Neither did wraiths It’s you, babe, The graveyard of our love And the nightmares.

Why can’t we fight?? I think of it every night Failing to close my eyes; I walk the roads alone now Thinking of you, oh how Soothing it was, to hear your voice! “Get back inside” Echoes in my head when I looked at the skies; Could it be you? Can this be true? “It’s…

Just so you know.

Close your eyes, baby girl, listen to what I say; And know this, I’m always there, Just a dream away.

Good night.

Close your eyes, open them to heaven Don’t wake up, until I send my raven Slip into slumber There’s no pain worthy enough To remember All those owls sing for you Winds are chorus, Your blanket, the great sky, blue While these stone walls guard you Fear not, of the werewolves Under the blood moon…


Loving her was like waking up early on a Sunday morning; you have nothing to do but stroll about until something comes up. You regret being awake, you’re irritated because you can’t go back to sleep.


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby

Rest in my eyes Bathe in my tears Sleep tight, baby Forget all your fears Let my cries Be your lullabies For you are the pain That I hold dear

Message / Writing Practice

It was a steamy summer night, all of the tiredness oozed out of his skin as he lay on his bed, sheets wet with sweat. Not an ideal weather for a good sleep but there’s no choice either. When your mind says shut it, you just shut it. His eyes closed into blackness as he…


“Wake me up“ I said “From this sleep, with your love“ “Close your eyes“ She said Caressing my hair In our bed “Sleep now, dear and wait for me“ Little did I know That I’d sleep For eternity

Tips to wake up late please?

Under the dim lights and thick black star ridden sky, we raced to the rendezvous like some giant alien dog with wings was chasing us. A kilometer later, my bike started groaning, warning us to slow down so it doesn’t break down. Who listens to machines? In a matter of minutes, we were at the…