We graduate, find a job and work for someone who is chasing their dreams. Why the hell are we dreaming of a job? Why can’t we a life instead? Don’t lecture me about young entrepreneurs and how they employ people and pay taxes but tell me this, why are the roads ALWAYS so terrible? Everything … Continue reading Slave.

Let’s talk

Television is dangerous. The other day I was surfing through the channels and a romantic scene was on, two people, passionately kissing each other and the camera zoomed into their lips. I don’t really imagine myself in that guy’s place but say that to my dad giving me awkward stare from across the room. “Dude! … Continue reading Let’s talk

“The stars shine for us”, we’ve been told, “there’s someone watching over”, and we’re sold. Then we grow up, realise these lies are centuries old. They say there’s an eternal fire burning within, is it the same fire that burns through your soul? Why is it too late by the time we realise hopes are … Continue reading


Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth. Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned; Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used. I’ve lost belief in faith, There’s no faith in what I believe.

I am.

I am a liar. A liar who seeks truth in a world of marionettes wired to societal archetypes. A masked crusader hiding behind his face, transcending masquerades. I am stubborn. A man vocal about his opinions, standing his ground against stereotypical perspectives and religious conservatism. I am a coward. Agitated by judgemental eyes and voices, … Continue reading I am.