The bird sang yesterday; Ah! How it reminded me of Art and Free will. The bird sang today In the jaws of the cat, it squealed.

Come on in.

I think of blues as flowers grow out of the bruise; the rusty old chair sings songs of you. Eyes have shrunk, tears have dried, wrinkles on my skin have nothing to hide. Life was bittersweet, people fell like teeth; I wash my hands with a few good deeds; you know, to live is to…

Hey! 🐛

How do you even exist, You fragile thing? I could hurt you with a touch And a gentle smile Can make you sing. Why do you like your cage, And the life you’re living? When you can fly high Never soil your feet again? My heart had mellowed Feeling your fingers on my chest; My…


Talk that talk, Walk that walk, Wear your pink sweater and red sock; You float around the house like a fleeting cloud, I see you come as I turn around; I count your toes, I kiss your feet, I’m telling you, to you I’m bound. Come to me baby, turn the music on, We dance…

The way it is.

You were the same old song With different lyrics; Ours was a different story With the same ending; Everything that comes together Has to fall apart. Anything that moves away Will know it’s place; In due time.

Shall we??

Replay, relive; Retell, believe. Dance again, Holding hands again, Sing along This story is ours We shall write again


Your feet on this path Your words in this moment And Your silence in the other Your ink on my paper Your song in my voice Your thoughts in my mind My dreams in your eyes It’s a wonderful Life.