Distant shores welcome a famished soul; a realm, neither hell nor heaven awaits the arrival and on this slender line connecting memory and abstraction, we walk. Into awareness. Into oblivion.


A flower blossomed from the cracks of her skin. Only to wither away before she could blink. Desolation echoed in her voice; life pale, it had endured pain. Eyes have dried. Emotions had died; of abandonment and famine. There are worms now, gnawing through her heart, burrowing into her soul. She had waned, darling, no…

A way home.

Do you see the world upside down as you tread across the field of crystal thorns? The warm scarlet skies break down into crimson rain, bathing you, washing the sins from off your skin. Look at the black meadows you walk through; the wind carries a morbid perfume, think about the end, wanderer, while you…


My heart aches, my soul bleeds, of you, of your memories; look into my words and you’ll see Your absence is what triggers me. I beg you To Cure me of this ailment before it turns into a curse, end this misery, the poetry.


Oh! How they float, those aimless souls Those thick black clouds, steady and slow. Lost; too far yet so close.


I looked up to the sky and hoped for nothing. What could it even offer? I wanted the world That’s already been sold. They say it is cold But then, you sell your soul To faith, to work, to life and oh! Love! Kisses, never moist, eyes, always closed; Words so deep, voices shallow. Freedom…


Plastered to the wall, the sunflower bent down; Light from the window, water from the pail couldn’t erase her frown. She had to see the sun; Dismembered roots lay lifeless on the ground. “Let there be life for one last time. Toss me away, in this state of decay; let me be soiled when he…

I get by.

I raised my hand at the sky and closed my fist, pretending to catch the stars. Foolish as it my sound, a weird sense of beatitude crept into my soul, lighting up my insides. A peculiar warmth emboldens the adolescent heart caged inside my dejected adulthood. The unscrupulous skies have a magical way of inspiring…

Come on in.

I think of blues as flowers grow out of the bruise; the rusty old chair sings songs of you. Eyes have shrunk, tears have dried, wrinkles on my skin have nothing to hide. Life was bittersweet, people fell like teeth; I wash my hands with a few good deeds; you know, to live is to…

I am a fickle soul; I have altered destinations, steered courses of futile voyages and wandered into places unwelcome. I saw people with arms wide open, pushed away as the scars deepened; discovering I was just another human. People changed faces, faces changed places and I lost myself in a quest to fill the voids….

I set out at dusk, the road is warm and dusty. The sun’s retreating, you see, scared little twat knows I’m out to get him. The sky is bare now, its nakedness turns me on. The clouds take their time to dress it up; ah! there they are, the stars! Sneaky bastards! I hear the…


I walk in the shadows, I dwell in the past Lurking in pain, the night is all I ask People are mirages, smoky, the path Voices are fleeting and aghast Hope starts to decay, ghosts come alive Guilt takes over, raining down the sky I walk further, I bear the pain For this life has…


A soul truly lost loses itself in belief, in hope Of finding itself again. What’s lost isn’t recovered, what is found isn’t what is lost. What do you choose? What do you know? Where will this path lead you to? Where do you go?

The grave

I wander in the graveyard Where your memories are buried Howling your name, The ghouls scurried In those voices, hid mine I approach an emtpy grave Awaiting my time Fill it up, before I die ‘cuz you have me suffocating Like I’m buried alive


Oh You set fire to my soul Tell me, babe What do I do? Stop, drop and roll?


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside


When the waves flow Into the dark And the night hides Behind the stars I set sail Towards horizon Following the map With location marked Along came a cyclone Ripping off the mast I hear the skies roar Like it’s the God’s wrath “It’s not easy, son To find your destiny Neither is it far…

A man.

From the ashes, he rose In the darkness and smoke Scarred by his past Bleeding from the blame Bright shone his eyes A soul set ablaze Strong, his desire Driven by hate Hell was the path, A battle with fate Steps, heavy Breath on fire Mind numb, A walking nightmare Vengeance in his blood, Blood…