I wish I could be poetic or at least sound like it but my words betray me, they’re as rebellious as I am. I count seasons, search for reasons and mourn my existence in this callous, decaying flesh prison that I’m trapped in. I paint my world black; the hues are too bright for me,…

I am a fickle soul; I have altered destinations, steered courses of futile voyages and wandered into places unwelcome. I saw people with arms wide open, pushed away as the scars deepened; discovering I was just another human. People changed faces, faces changed places and I lost myself in a quest to fill the voids….

I set out at dusk, the road is warm and dusty. The sun’s retreating, you see, scared little twat knows I’m out to get him. The sky is bare now, its nakedness turns me on. The clouds take their time to dress it up; ah! there they are, the stars! Sneaky bastards! I hear the…


A soul truly lost loses itself in belief, in hope Of finding itself again. What’s lost isn’t recovered, what is found isn’t what is lost. What do you choose? What do you know? Where will this path lead you to? Where do you go?


She shone bright Like glow worm in a jar; Destined to fade When let out.


There’s no beauty in brokenness. Ever seen a broken glass Put together again? Ever seen a broken heart Love somebody the same? Change is inevitable, darling; Nothing stays like it was before; Whatever does is an illness, needing a cure.

Good night.

Close your eyes, open them to heaven Don’t wake up, until I send my raven Slip into slumber There’s no pain worthy enough To remember All those owls sing for you Winds are chorus, Your blanket, the great sky, blue While these stone walls guard you Fear not, of the werewolves Under the blood moon…