If I had money, I’d name a star after you. It’s relatively cheap, I know. I’d do it. If I had the money. I’m a poor lad, you see. Now I name every fucking star yours. I am crazy not dumb. Rich men name the stars but poor men own the skies. Fuck yeah.


Of course we’re all stars. We’re close from afar but there’s distance as you move closer; there’s heat radiating from all the emotional fusion and fission and we know we’ll break one day or another; imploding, creating a black hole. Everything falls apart. No light shall escape.

Lost things.

It’s been so long. The drawer squeaks when it pull it out. That’s where your letters are, hidden away from the malice of this demented world. The innocence those words carry, the world these letters hide and a life that has been washed away in tears over the years render me motionless and numb. What…

A star above.

I sit by the window and look at the night sky; a million stars are scattered across but I knew it is true; the one that shone bright, yeah, that’s you. Up there beyond my reach, tell me, how is the sky treating you? Would you listen to me? Can I shed a tear or…

I get by.

I raised my hand at the sky and closed my fist, pretending to catch the stars. Foolish as it my sound, a weird sense of beatitude crept into my soul, lighting up my insides. A peculiar warmth emboldens the adolescent heart caged inside my dejected adulthood. The unscrupulous skies have a magical way of inspiring…

Do you hear me?

I sat on that old rock and spoke to the moon; There were stories to tell, ballads to sing, he was there, quietly listening. The choppy fluvials leapt with the winds, singing chorus to the birds as they passed by, flying. There’s a lot to complain about, tonight; My words are tired of their plight….

Stars. We’re stars.

We’re all stars lighting up someone’s sky. We’re all stars, fading away like glimpses of distant light. We’re all stars, only alive for the night.


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.

True story.

Women are like cars; The farther I chase, The faster they go. Love is like the stars; The longer the night, The more hope I had. I am a clear sky, Neither stars Nor cars.


If earth becomes the sky Are we the stars? Do our connections make Constellations?


If I can’t get your scars I’d rather not have you at all; ‘cuz there ain’t no sunshine Without the moon and stars.


Dancing to the blues, high; Tripping on the road, side to side.. Talk to me darling, we are not alone, There are stars watching and the crescent moon! You took me by surprise; Unapologetic as I fight. Hold my hand, walk me home, If you swear not to leave, I’ll marry you tonight!


Falling stars, ungranted wishes Empty words, broken promises All that love unrequited No guilt that’s confessed Scars hidden in plain sight Blood camouflaged Tears in the eyes Living our lives Dead inside


“I love you.” He said, looking at her face reflecting the moonlight. “OMG! A shooting star! I’ve never seen one before. You said it and it just happened. What is this?” She shrieked in awe. “In that case, darling…” He whispered “I’d shoot every fucking star out of the sky.”


Sometimes I talk to the stars They listen, y’know Sometimes I listen to the wind It sings, soft and slow Sometimes I look into the water And hear it say, “you’re in for a show” Sometimes I sit by the fire As it warms my soul Sometimes I lose myself Searching for you


I’m just gonna lay here tonight Searching for you From star to star Connecting the dots Constellations apart

All you did was smile And every star Shone brighter than The moon Happy Valentine’s day to the one that got away.

If I owned the sky, I’d name every star after you The moon is me, reflecting your light Because you are my sun You give me strength You give me life (Doubt me not, this is for you)