ages / seasons

I can smell the summer, taste the monsoons and see the winters in people’s eyes. They keep passing like climate; sometimes warm, sometimes cold and pouring. I don’t remember a weather report that’s accurate, just like people. They come and go for reasons unknown (at least to me). She waved at me the first time…


A fallen man struggles to get back on his feet; That’s what emotional trauma does. Why is it so hard? Why can’t he be what he once was? A broken man builds himself on his miseries and sometimes, misery is company.


I admit I lie but let me tell you now, I’ve decided not to anymore but when I’m down and low, can I pretend to be okay? Will you stop asking questions? Will you just sit with me, in the quiet? The smile on my face might be fake but right now, it’s as real…


Now that I leapt, I’d enjoy the fall; It’s a flatline, I know When I hit the ground. Anushka: No matter where you go,You might fall;Be insistent and resilient to make sure,For in all this and moreThe past is long gone..!! (Her spontaneity is astonishing)


The lights are out and I’m home alone; got no plans tonight. No idea what day of the week it is but I know that it’s night. Don’t ask me about the time, I don’t care if the clock still chimes. What’s on the menu for dinner? “Your infamies” cries out a voice. They’re home;…


If my greatest fear is losing you, Then my biggest weakness Would be having you.


She was a Queen Not to people Not to the world But to herself And that’s how she rose