Necessary evil.

Your lips merged into mine like thorny vines, painted red with my blood; I squeeze you into me easing our souls at war. The friction between us set the house on fire as we lay in bed, colliding, burning in desire. My salty skin cherishes your fingernails digging in, rashes, paving way to paradise, tonight…

Fever dream

Water leaks from the cuts; I try to stop the bleeding, wash the wounds with blood. I wipe my feet with mud and smell the putrid skin, ah! The scent of my soul, decaying within. Ribs protruding through the shirt, fingers adorned with dirt; silence reigns this place, that’s music to my mouth. I stagger…


I don’t know, we have been told; What are you girl? An angel? A devil? One time you’re planting roses, Another you’re growing thorns; One day I watch you dancing, Another you walk alone. It’s strange when you think though; Thorns feel like heaven, Hell spawns from the rose.


Beautiful but insecure Her love was so pure Touch her, you’re injured A cactus for sure Aren’t you?


She’s a rose As beautiful as she looks, Has her thorns Water the rose, it’ll grow Pluck it out, you’ll bleed