If I had a heart, I’d lose it to you; If I had a soul, I know who it’d choose; If I had feelings gushing through, I’d call it love But I wouldn’t know what to do. ‘Coz darling I’m a fallen feather; Fleeting around, never settling down.


I looked at your picture this morning and said to myself: “If only she loved me like she loved herself” What an irony.


That sad moment when you know That You helped her find herself At the cost of losing yourself.


Isn’t it strange When you want to shout aloud In the crowd but you can’t And when you’re alone, you won’t? Isn’t it strange When we know what we want And what we want Isn’t what wants us? So say Fuck you and move on

Déjà vu

I swam to the shore In vain; The waves pulled me back I wasn’t alone.

Random Thoughts.

Can I just walk away and not come back? In a world where there’s no right or wrong, from a place where people laugh, singing a sad, sad song, where I’m unaware of myself but conscious of others; may I not ask, just leave? Don’t you think it’s too much to ask? To not look…

My worst enemy.

Through the narrow paths and lousy traffic, I raced my way to work. Amidst all that chaos and people giving wrong path indicators, music is my saving grace. The ride to work is always an adventure; rude people, potholes, broken roads, heavy traffic, people coming at you, taking the wrong side, man! It is one…

The tears from my eyes, won’t tell you any story; The voice that died, refuses to say sorry; Those nights aren’t aware of the dreams downright scary; These lips now hide the burden I carry; Do you hear my silence? Can you read my thoughts? Do I have a choice? I want to be left…

Single. ;)

I lived with people I loved alone I talked to people I’m still a stone


Six feet under I sleep Bones rotting away Under this heap I lay Buried with me Are my memories Do you regret having no say? Does your pride numb the pain?

The inevitable.

Suffering, you see, is inevitable. Some suffer for happiness And others, from it.


I hid an ocean in my eyes, Cyclone in my mind Fire in my words And wilderness in my heart

I see.

I see A voice behind your voice Words beneath your words Waiting to be heard Wanting to be freed


Inside of me Hides an ocean Hardly fierce Seldom serene

Can’t swim

You say you’re Deep as an ocean Always restless, With waves of thoughts Whirlpools of feelings And secrets buried in trench What do I do, my dear? I’m just another bloke Who can’t swim

All you did was smile And every star Shone brighter than The moon Happy Valentine’s day to the one that got away.