Love rhyme.

I painted my bike blue, jumped out in bright yellow shoes and rode straight to you. Hop on, you know where I’m lured, those mountains are calling, I promise, it’s an enchanting view. The sky is changing hues, sun makes way to the moon, wanna know the truth? I am in love with you. Of … Continue reading Love rhyme.


A diamond in the rough, she grabbed me by the scruff; said “Shut up and move, you played enough” Past the streets, through the subways where we first met We dashed forward, this romance will be tough She said there’s music, she said we’d dance Oh poor darling, I’m tone deaf. Do you like my … Continue reading Her.

I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,I wish it were a reality,But we both knew it wouldn't last. You broke my wings,I hid my plight,But I never hinderedYour will to fly; There’s no way your words will lead meBack into that path,I set you free, then,For if we're meant to be, we shall meet … Continue reading