Love rhyme.

I painted my bike blue, jumped out in bright yellow shoes and rode straight to you. Hop on, you know where I’m lured, those mountains are calling, I promise, it’s an enchanting view. The sky is changing hues, sun makes way to the moon, wanna know the truth? I am in love with you. Of…


A diamond in the rough, she grabbed me by the scruff; said “Shut up and move, you played enough” Past the streets, through the subways where we first met We dashed forward, this romance will be tough She said there’s music, she said we’d dance Oh poor darling, I’m tone deaf. Do you like my…


There are things that can’t be expressed in words; calling it love would be insulting to what I have for you, like searching for a pirate ship in shallow waters. There are things that can’t ever be mine. Be it words or you.

I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,I wish it were a reality,But we both knew it wouldn’t last. You broke my wings,I hid my plight,But I never hinderedYour will to fly; There’s no way your words will lead meBack into that path,I set you free, then,For if we’re meant to be, we shall meet…


Do not be the moon Hiding parts of you In the dark; Don’t be the sun, Shining bright, I can never see you With a naked eye; Don’t be a star Fading with the night; Don’t be the clouds Changing shapes Always fleeting by; Just be here, Still and serene like The yellow skies.


Talk that talk, Walk that walk, Wear your pink sweater and red sock; You float around the house like a fleeting cloud, I see you come as I turn around; I count your toes, I kiss your feet, I’m telling you, to you I’m bound. Come to me baby, turn the music on, We dance…

I am your wings, You are my crown; We are the flame, That burns Through the clouds; Let’s take this leap, Not look around; Submerged we are, And further we drown.


Let’s take a walk in this mad, mad world; you better hold my hand ‘cuz it’s gonna get cold. Lavender winds caress your hair, the entirety envies your flair, girl, you’re a sight for my sore eyes and a beauty to behold. Let’s have a talk in this lonely, crowded shack. Would you like some…


Your feet on this path Your words in this moment And Your silence in the other Your ink on my paper Your song in my voice Your thoughts in my mind My dreams in your eyes It’s a wonderful Life.


The sky takes your blush We face each other at the altar Eyes locked, waiting to be wed Shining were you, like Clouds clothed your skin The night hides in those eyes, And wind in your hair There’s a storm inside my heart, Tides rise and fall within “Be mine” I said, kneeling, remember? Now…


We found Harmony In Cacophony.


The world is huge, That’s what they say Do you think it’s true? Because wherever I go, I stumble upon you I wandered around Without a clue, A homeless man Who do I look up to? Fell from Grace, misbehaved, Ran for a lifetime, but I am sure Changed my world, Made my way, home,…


If life with you is hell, I’d gladly be damned.


Buy me some time, Buy me yesterday Can’t wait for tomorrow Give it to me today


I searched for you In the bleak lighted evenings You found me on bright mornings We share the same fears You tasted the salt in my tears Hand in hand, we ran from the world Stuck together in warm and cold You read my silence I hear your mind Hear our hearts beat? They’re synchronized…

My kind of love.

“What?” She shrieked and a smirk followed. “What?” I repeated, holding her toes between my fingers, perfectly intertwined. “You shouldn’t touch the feet of women, know that? Makes a dent in your manliness.” I bent down, kissed her feet and looked right into her eyes “What kind of a man doesn’t love his woman’s toes?”


My level of friendship: You can tell me the same thing over and over again on different occasions and I’ll still listen like it’s the first time, everytime.


If you love me Make me fight for it Not beg