Y’know what scares me? Real people suffering because of differing options and beliefs on fictional entities that remain unaffected by human interference. Are we that delusional? When I look at things, I know That United we fall and divided we stand. Look deeper and you’ll see everything is a mere belief; from The value of…

I don’t know

How do you know someone? What do you say to that? We tend to explain under what circumstances we met and what led us here. Does that mean we know them?? We recognise people based on their traits and interactions. That’s getting acquainted but do we know them? If we don’t, how do we know?…


Few sheep had run from the herd, vexed; for the seekers they were. Lost, confused and wandering, each in a different path; when were two thoughts alike? Wolves, they were to the pack, outlaws that reneged. And perish they shall of loneliness and despair, for the herd is all there is.

High and low

Take me there, atop the mountain; with skies above and clouds below. Let me lose my breath trying to make my way, I know I’m not here to stay but this keeps me sane. How far is it, the truth? How deep is the ocean of lies? Do I walk or drown? If every day…

I am.

I am a biological sculpture drenched in sensory activities, capable of exhibiting emotions. My mind hides words and my talks become stories. I live a life of metaphors and ironies; change faces, cover my skin and masquerade. What I tread becomes my path, where I stand is my land; What I breathe is what I…


We’re stories. You, me, him, her; we all are and the best part is not knowing what’s true. So tell me, who are you?


They tell tales. Tales become songs, Songs hide stories. Stories become myths, Myths morph into lies. Lies are believed to be the truth and Truth is becomes a tale. I don’t give a flying fuck.


Hey babe! It’s about time, Gonna say it now; Why don’t you shut the fuck up, Stop calling it love?

This time.

Over the tear lean my lips pressing against your moist cheeks. I’ll take the salt in, ruffle your hair and pull back; it’ll leave you smiling. Maybe I’ll bump my forehead into yours, maybe I’ll play with your fingers, just maybe, I might hug you till you snore. Look at me, darling, look and me…


Sometimes the best thing about love Is secrecy; the bane of secret love Is that it dies so.


Truth when questioned enough becomes a lie; Lie that’s believed turns into the truth. Questions are answered yet No answers are questioned; Freedom is not fundamental, Rights aren’t right when used. I’ve lost belief in faith, There’s no faith in what I believe.


Sometimes we fall, sometimes we land; The leap is inevitable. Fool your mind, tell it you’ll fly. Isn’t that what hope is?

A chance.

Why do you love, you ask? Why does anything exist at all? There are things beyond reason, answers that dare not be questioned, and quests that can never end; Something as pointless as existence and unexplainable as the cosmos. Some may call it an illusion, you might even be delusional to call it An essence…


Oh! Those insects around the streetlight, ever so busy. The buzzing sound of bugs and annoying songs of crickets turned up the night orchestra. Sky seemed to be in peace, neither clouds nor stars. Moon hid behind me and there I was, staring at the streetlight. There’s something that separates us from other species, it’s…


The skies never fell It’s us that did; how dare we Turn the world into metaphors When we ourselves are one!

I am.

I am a liar. A liar who seeks truth in a world of marionettes wired to societal archetypes. A masked crusader hiding behind his face, transcending masquerades. I am stubborn. A man vocal about his opinions, standing his ground against stereotypical perspectives and religious conservatism. I am a coward. Agitated by judgemental eyes and voices,…


I know now, what I am; what I can be. I’ve embraced the asshole within me, come to terms with him and know this, my love, that I love you. When I’m with you, I feel no pain; when I’m with you, it feels like life isn’t vain. I forget my suffering when I tend…


I won’t tell you it’s gonna be okay; I can’t ask you to move on. All I can do is sit here, right here and share silence. What you have is what can’t be shared; the pain. I’ll let you suffer and that’s all I’ve got to offer.

In plain sight.

I was the truth that You wish, stayed hidden; I am a lie That you hide but can’t escape from.

Well, y’know…

I gave your life a meaning, you say? Fuck that ‘cuz I can’t even give meaning to my words.


It felt like love and We said we were old enough; When we knew it was love, We were kids again.

Tell me..

Sometimes I feel Like Life is a dream And what I dream Is what I live. Opening my eyes to fantasy, Closing my eyes to reality, Tell me, my friend, Is certainty the new fallacy?


Every love story Is true Until it lasts.

The End.

For a lifetime, you say, In that lie, I lay Dreaming of the day I’d fly Never realizing There exists no sky No roads to converge Neither a divide You might be the sun, But baby I’m the night


Put me to sleep, and I Cross my heart, hope to die This will be the Final lullaby

Oh my!

He stood in the end Of the lane, at the bend A group of four “I don’t see them” I’d pretend Please don’t say my name Don’t yell at me I’m ashamed Why me? Is it only ‘cuz I’m weak? It’s been more than I can take this week Everytime you pass by A part…

Senseless! :/

If I tell you I’m a liar Does that make it a lie? If you lie about lying Does it become the truth?


You search for butterflies Yet live a life of misery and lies You play a game, Everytime you change the name You want to be remembered But all you do is ignore You want what you want But never care for someone who wants you Nothing is never enough When you don’t know What you…

Lesson learnt.

Promises can be and will be broken; There’s little you can do about it. People come, people go; Some go young, some grow cold. – From You don’t know how it feels by Tom Petty


Life is hard, Said my father God watches over, it’s written in the stars You need not bother All those stars, All those skies, Show you way, And test your might People come, people go Come what may, You shan’t close the door Open your eyes, Look behind the disguise Beneath all these lies Lies…