“It’s a beautiful world” they tell me. Who am I to deny? You see what you seek but it is different to me; you see the world as one and to me, everyone has one. Even the world itself. To hell with beauty.


We always consider the world to be one single entity. When are we going to realise that we build our own individual worlds? What if I say that every person has his own world? The world is small because we create it ourselves. It’s limited to people we meet, places we visit and things we…

When blacks and whites Collide into grays; There is no rainbow, The sky is a disgrace; It is love that lasts forever, An eternity laid to waste; No home feels like home, Ain’t no solace, When you haven’t lost yourself And wore a new face.


It’s a whole new world, I feel; Maybe heaven is full of vices And in hell, the saints kneel.

About love.

“But you two are perfect!!” “Maybe that’s why we drifted apart. We were so perfect, we didn’t need each other; two halves make a full. Two fulls are two different entities. Perfection never works. Even if it does, it doesn’t last. We’re human, meant to be imperfect. We find refuge in someone else and so…

Morning motivation again!!

I open my eyes, Today To new horizons A whole new world Learning to remember Remembering to ignore To change what I see For What I see Defines me