I’d pour all my hopes into a jar and store them in the attic, if you promise you’ll come back, tell me you’d stay. I put myself to sleep drinking a glass of water and dreams but tonight, it’s just emptiness and me. The door is half open, windows are half shut and I rummage…


I swallowed stars to water my dreams, I shrunk the skies & fit them in my eyes with hopes buried underneath. Grass and trees grow on my fertile skin and the sun burns within (me). I inhale and exhale storm winds; the climate, sometimes calm, sometimes pouring. Thoughts run wild and free, clouds are fleeting;…


She sat facing the window. The door’s locked tight, so were windows; Light barely crept in. Her body grew defiant and feeble with each passing day; decay has set in. She waited for rain.

And I know.

Why don’t you tell me it’s okay? Why can’t you tell me I’m okay? What makes me a fool? Writing for you? Or expecting a response? Where have all my apologies gone? Why hasn’t your forgiveness reached my door? Why are we quiet When there’s blood on the floor?? If I’m bad, why won’t you…

Single. ;)

I lived with people I loved alone I talked to people I’m still a stone

False hopes.

“When the time is ripe” she said. “I hope we’ll have each other.” “It will never be” he replied; “But we will.” Inspired and improvised (modified) from the little chat I had with my sister from WordPress, Shruthi.


Down the road, up the hill, Chasing ghosts from memories Reaching out To those tangible melodies Your footprints are in the sand I Fill my feet in from behind Walking the path, being washed away By the waves that came from nowhere There’s a voice calling me, “This way leads you into the deep; Wake…


This man had a golden ring That guy could dance and sing The pale man held you by your hip The fat guy gestured me to sit Sometimes I waited in that car Other days, I’d just stand afar Won’t dare imagine where you were When you come back crying, hiding a scar Took the…

As I stand In this rain, Getting wet With all the pain Feeling numb It’s all the same There go my feelings Down the drain Walking down The memory lane, I realize Everything has gone In vain


I’m just gonna lay here tonight Searching for you From star to star Connecting the dots Constellations apart

I see you walk

The sand sneaks in between My toes, trying to stop me The castle awaits my return Winds sing me a Melody Waves go back and forth Asking me to stay, Watch the sun sink For what it’s worth Far across the beach, I see you walk Like a mirage that you are Now I realize,…