It feels like the times of yore,We await a ship that takes us home, May it take, just a little more;The breeze is strong, skies are sore; oceans kiss… Titanic Anushka and her magic.


There are things that can’t be expressed in words; calling it love would be insulting to what I have for you, like searching for a pirate ship in shallow waters. There are things that can’t ever be mine. Be it words or you.


You know why I let you go, don’t you? It took me a hundred cups of coffee and a great deal of ink to finally realise; An aching head hurts more than an aching heart.


I’m just gonna lay here tonight Searching for you From star to star Connecting the dots Constellations apart

Where your love and hate Coincide Where your soul feels weightless And lights up inside Where you can be angry But not used to it and cry Where you don’t need wings But can fly Where you can be with me And just be mine I’ll meet you there Believe me, girl Everything Will work…

I see you walk

The sand sneaks in between My toes, trying to stop me The castle awaits my return Winds sing me a Melody Waves go back and forth Asking me to stay, Watch the sun sink For what it’s worth Far across the beach, I see you walk Like a mirage that you are Now I realize,…