“Because you love trouble” she said “You’d be nothing without them and your troubles are faithful to you. Even if you have the chance to choose peace, you always end up choosing trouble because it’s easier, more real, accessible. You’re used to it; no surprises, no relying on hope; And this shall pass until the…

Where to?

Except for those street dogs in the suburb, loneliness loomed on this usually busy road. A few bikes went past me as I drove slow, soaking in the sunlight. It could’ve been a good day; everyday can be a good day, if only you could do something about it. On the left stood a bus,…


You’re my migraine, I am your pills; You don’t need those, I don’t want you.


Isn’t it strange When you want to shout aloud In the crowd but you can’t And when you’re alone, you won’t? Isn’t it strange When we know what we want And what we want Isn’t what wants us? So say Fuck you and move on

I’m okay.

I need no rainbow, but the colors You don’t have to follow, got my shadow Need no life, darling, Mine’s just fine Got a stone cold heart And tears to swallow

All I want.

I don’t want a life with you I just want you in my life Because I already have a life And all that’s missing is you