I held my breath as I walked to you; O Girl, you take my breath away! I held it back to save myself, to live; For I can die But cannot live your way.

Finding a way back.

The usual farmer’s market; people going around, buying vegetables, bargaining and chattering their mouths out. I see men staring at women, I see women exchanging glances. The sky was pale, clouds were scattered and feeble and the sun was about to set. I walked further past children crying for toys, parents covered their eyes, vendors…

Your thoughts.

You are what you think you are, you’re not what you think you are and what you don’t think you are is also you. You are everywhere, there’s nowhere without you because wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Are you free? No. Are you bound? No. You’re freely bound and restrictively free. The…


Happiness, you see Is like a wanderer It goes away, gets lost But wherever it is Eventually finds home.


A light leaks Through the cracks Of my broken heart There’s blood spilled On the ground I got no scars I see a trail left behind Haven’t come far


I love the way you turn My silence into words; I love it more when My tears find their worth. The words now have A meaning, The shallow heart started To love this feeling; The smiles seem to have Found their reason, The bird of my soul Sings regardless of season. Oh, How you make…