It blows and blows and tries and goes. I’m here, I always am; lifeless like a stone. I pity neither the wind nor whatever cries within.

Something unreal.

When I hear the woods singing your name, When every inch of my skin craves for your mane, the world has nothing else to offer. Your eyes are my skies, your kisses are my rain, your path leads me to light; there’s wilderness in your untamed hair. I breathed you in, filled my lungs with…


How do you do this? I feel your fingers running on my chest, like a feather going down the silks; the way you reached my back and then my arms, tickling, like pearls rolling down my skin, a touch so exquisite, it feels like heaven. Is that your hair on my face? Like wind on…

Would you be the sun In the winters of my life That’s freezing in dismay? Would you be my beginning As hope ends, everyday? Would you be the song That comes with the wind Carrying fallen leaves away? Would you be my sky That brings the rainbow After a rainy day?


Sometimes I talk to the stars They listen, y’know Sometimes I listen to the wind It sings, soft and slow Sometimes I look into the water And hear it say, “you’re in for a show” Sometimes I sit by the fire As it warms my soul Sometimes I lose myself Searching for you