O simpleton

Keep digging, goDeeper and one day youMay find that oreOf native gold; your doorTo fortune and the worldYour soul is soldTo those glittering lights, thoseHysterical nights and lies someoneHas told. Treasures are people you knowAnd those you don’t; treasure is pleasuresOf youthAnd wisdom when you’re old. But keep digging, only then shall youBe wise, old…


They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel but how long is this tunnel?? How bright is the light? Why wasn’t I told that it gets bleaker the closer we move? The night has to end and so does morning; I think it’s useless to compare and contemplate because what happens happens. They…


I’ve changed. Do I like what I’ve become? No. Do I wish to go back? Hell no! Don’t ask too many questions, don’t ask for directions, I am alive and so are you; cross my path, wave at me and I might wave back. I’ve changed. So will you.

I’ve learned That there’s serenity in places what lead to nowhere; in questions that have no answers and answers that demand no questions. Don’t mistake it for ignorance, you, it is not. For I am free; free to make my own path, to seek answers and live to be a story.


For once I wanted to stop And look, even if it’s for a second; to see what happens when I stop but then I realise I wasn’t moving at all and the world ceases for no one.

I’m foolish.

They keep telling me that I’m getting myself into shit, that I don’t know what can go wrong. Isn’t that what it’s all about though? I have to hurt myself to know pain, exposure builds immunity. I know I can be wrong, I know I can get hurt but damage is better than ignorance, don’t…


Those who dream of flying with their wings tied are either delusional or rebellious. But tell me this, o wise creature, Why do you call yourself lost when you don’t know where you belong?


I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith; Of blind faith. “There’s air in the waters” they said. Why have I not been told That I can’t breathe?


Whistling winds sang along And I walked my way On the roads lonely and long “If you’re not weak” I heard him say “You can’t be strong” I searched for the place Where I belong So many eyes, words Waving hands and Hard goodbyes Still waters, silent hills Naked skies and snakes on road Whatever…


“Life is strange” Said my father, “Every man you already know is still a stranger, even to himself.”


When the waves flow Into the dark And the night hides Behind the stars I set sail Towards horizon Following the map With location marked Along came a cyclone Ripping off the mast I hear the skies roar Like it’s the God’s wrath “It’s not easy, son To find your destiny Neither is it far…