A flower blossomed from the cracks of her skin. Only to wither away before she could blink. Desolation echoed in her voice; life pale, it had endured pain. Eyes have dried. Emotions had died; of abandonment and famine. There are worms now, gnawing through her heart, burrowing into her soul. She had waned, darling, no…


She smiled like her mother; She fought like her father; But when she cried, But when she cared, She resembled neither That was her.

Worthless anyway.

I won’t see you; Even if I did, I won’t acknowledge your existence. If I did by chance acknowledge, I won’t give a fuck; If I started giving a fuck, You’d be long gone.

Her pride Was like wildfire; Nonchalant.

Two ifs.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt about women from all these years of my existence, it’s this: If a woman decides to leave, there’s nothing you can do to get her back. Better learn to let go of her or you’ll end up losing yourself.


She was a Queen Not to people Not to the world But to herself And that’s how she rose


The world to her Was full of butterflies All she could do was chase Gone were they Within the blink of an eye


She had Heavenly eyes And An abyss inside


Her beauty rivalled The glaciers and valleys Her depth was that of An ice Berg Anger, an avalanche Cold was she Frozen were the waters So was her heart


“Wake me up“ I said “From this sleep, with your love“ “Close your eyes“ She said Caressing my hair In our bed “Sleep now, dear and wait for me“ Little did I know That I’d sleep For eternity


She’s a rose As beautiful as she looks, Has her thorns Water the rose, it’ll grow Pluck it out, you’ll bleed


I love you so much that When I see your pretty hair I wanna mess it up And run away 🐛

Her love Was like the mystical waters The shallower they got The deeper I sank