I hear you.

I hear crickets, I hear croaking frogs and see cattle graze around. A highway far away catches my eye, it looks like a pathway into the skies. It’s all white and blue up there, uniformity; something uncommon. I notice a group of monkeys walk past me like I didn’t even exist. My ears are whizzing … Continue reading I hear you.

A writer’s whisper – collab

The inkling in my handSeeks refuge,Urging me to jot it down,A revolt rages within. My soul tries to breaks the walls of the dungeon,It craves to be let out;The pen is a prison,Paper is the land far away.Letting go would mean pain,There is no liberty without a price;Writing is evil,Something that I need to survive. … Continue reading A writer’s whisper – collab

Music suggestions please! Warning: this post is boring.

Who likes routine? There might be a few but not me. I'm always looking for something new but I hate changes. Getting my playlist right means everything to me. Though I'm not really into the latest fad, I really enjoy listening to music from different languages. India is home for hundreds of languages and I … Continue reading Music suggestions please! Warning: this post is boring.