I looked up to the sky and hoped for nothing. What could it even offer? I wanted the world That’s already been sold. They say it is cold But then, you sell your soul To faith, to work, to life and oh! Love! Kisses, never moist, eyes, always closed; Words so deep, voices shallow. Freedom … Continue reading Hopes.

Come on in.

I’m thinking of the blues as flowers grow out of the bruise; the rusty old chair sings songs of you. Eyes have shrunk, tears have dried, wrinkles on my skin have stories that hide. Life was bittersweet, people fell like teeth; I wash my hands with a few good deeds; you know, to live is … Continue reading Come on in.

Music suggestions please! Warning: this post is boring.

Who likes routine? There might be a few but not me. I'm always looking for something new but I hate changes. Getting my playlist right means everything to me. Though I'm not really into the latest fad, I really enjoy listening to music from different languages. India is home for hundreds of languages and I … Continue reading Music suggestions please! Warning: this post is boring.