Things unsaid – collab

You don't know how to say goodbye but it’s there, in your gut; it never lies. The full weight of unspoken goodbyes hits you you like a mysterious, untraceable absence; an emptiness that theorizes fullness, a blackness that balances a world full of colour. Sometimes I wish I knew, sometimes I hope I don’t and … Continue reading Things unsaid – collab

The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.

Rashmiiiiii I'm standing in your sunshine! I've done countless Sunshine blogger award posts and trust me, none of them could drive the darkness away. I thought I'd take a break from these but here I am, for the second time; only because you asked me to. Now don't punish me, I’m submitting the homework on … Continue reading The sunshine of the blog’s award of the WordPress.

I am.

I am a liar. A liar who seeks truth in a world of marionettes wired to societal archetypes. A masked crusader hiding behind his face, transcending masquerades. I am stubborn. A man vocal about his opinions, standing his ground against stereotypical perspectives and religious conservatism. I am a coward. Agitated by judgemental eyes and voices, … Continue reading I am.