You’re my migraine, I am your pills; You don’t need those, I don’t want you.

Yeah you.

You knew when to love me; You knew when to leave; You just didn’t know how. I know now.

Ask yourself.

What good are dreams when they don’t feel alive? What good is life when it’s devoid of dreams? What good is the world when it doesn’t give what you need? What good are you when you can’t find what you seek?


My level of friendship: You can tell me the same thing over and over again on different occasions and I’ll still listen like it’s the first time, everytime.

All you did was smile And every star Shone brighter than The moon Happy Valentine’s day to the one that got away.

Home has never been home Without Your arm in my arm


What good is the eye When the mind is blind What are words for When everything is a lie What are good intentions worth When all we do is hurt What good are we When we can’t even survive a fight What good is your God When prayers go unheard What good am I When…

I see you walk

The sand sneaks in between My toes, trying to stop me The castle awaits my return Winds sing me a Melody Waves go back and forth Asking me to stay, Watch the sun sink For what it’s worth Far across the beach, I see you walk Like a mirage that you are Now I realize,…

I just might

I might dance To your tunes But not your Whims


If I believed in God, You’d be the prayer that has been answered If there was fate, You’d be my destiny If there was luck, You’d be my possibility If I had a heart You’d be my love If I had to choose It’d always be you