Time heals, they say. Each day that passes now hurts me more than ever; it's not that I'm stuck in a loop or life has become monotonous, I'm doing everything I can to distract myself. I'm having fun or at least I think I do. I'm going to places, meeting people, trying different varieties of... Continue Reading →



What good is the eye When the mind is blind What are words for When everything is a lie What are good intentions worth When all we do is hurt What good are we When we can't even survive a fight What good is your God When prayers go unheard What good am I When... Continue Reading →

I see you walk

The sand sneaks in between My toes, trying to stop me The castle awaits my return Winds sing me a Melody Waves go back and forth Asking me to stay, Watch the sun sink For what it's worth Far across the beach, I see you walk Like a mirage that you are Now I realize,... Continue Reading →


What is it that you hide? Show me All that pain behind your smile Ah! Those tears that escape Your eyes Tell me there's a story Left behind Why do you shiver When you shake my hand? I hear silence When you speak A voice unheard Hiding from me Remember when I said I've seen... Continue Reading →

A man.

From the ashes, he rose In the darkness and smoke Scarred by his past Bleeding from the blame Bright shone his eyes A soul set ablaze Strong, his desire Driven by hate Hell was the path, A battle with fate Steps, heavy Breath on fire Mind numb, A walking nightmare Vengeance in his blood, Blood... Continue Reading →


Atop the highest mountain In the deepest sea On the harshest soils And heavy winds You'll hear me whisper You'll hear me sing Feel my presence? But nowhere to be seen I'm the thunder I'm in the quakes Inside the twister, I'm a tidal wave In your anger, Behind the smile, When you walk the... Continue Reading →

You believe in God, I believe in people For you, it's a miracle To me, life is strange You believe in destiny, I made you mine The day you left Was the day I wished God existed

Happy birthday

Hi there! Was counting hours since this morning. It's finally here, the day I've been waiting for months and I don't know if I should be happy or depressed about it. Why not both!? I'm happy because you get a year older today(jk) and I still have your number to call you. I don't know... Continue Reading →

Mornings like these.

My head aches from all that vodka induced whirry sensation yet my heart desires more. Enough is enough says my mind but something inside me says, "Go on." I hear people talking to me, I know I'm responding but what the hell am I even saying? One thing's for sure, secrets are being revealed, 'cuz... Continue Reading →


If I believed in God, You'd be the prayer that has been answered If there was fate, You'd be my destiny If there was luck, You'd be my possibility If I had a heart You'd be my love If I had to choose It'd always be you

Send off

She waved her hand, And stared at him Gone was he, Down the hill, Tears left her eyes Happiness left his Both have a life And purpose To fulfill. (Now you know why I don't believe in God)


You will know it's too late When you miss me But I don't. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there are things you can't fix because someone isn't willing to do what needs to be done. You need both the hands to clap, we don't just wave a hand and expect people to hear... Continue Reading →

I hear the birds sing From the flora that surround Me, On this grass, I lay Seeing the clouds overpower The sun A gentle breeze caresses my scars Mystifying This already perturbed soul I see bugs🐛 Crawling around How can time go this slow? Then falls a dew Sliding over from leaves, Then I realize... Continue Reading →


Seconds to leave Minutes to misunderstand Days to think Weeks to argue Months to hate Years to ignore And a lifetime to miss

The waters and wind Soil and skin People I meet And world I see Every haunting dream Tell me a story Whispering, Look, thee nothing is meant to be.


I hide myself behind my feelings You hide behind my words Feelings hide behind fear I see you Things get worse

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