Let me leave your hand So I can catch myself Let me leave your side Time to be one with oneself There was a time, I wasn't this man Lost in the world, seeking validation Longing to be vulnerable Chasing clouds, seldom stable Skies changed their colour One person after another Still the same, running... Continue Reading →



Forgiveness is a virtue. To be forgiven is a curse. Those who forgive are divine The ones forgiven are damned. You can never outrun your guilt.

Open up!

Naked and shivering, I stand at your door Knocking and calling I drop to the floor Look at the snow, Lady, Please know It's cold outside Hear my heart cry And lead me to the fire Chills go up and down my spine Legs go numb, mind goes wild Lady, please know It's cold outside... Continue Reading →

Neither are you scary Nor is what we share What I dread is the person you imagine me to be Stranded between hope and despair It's hard being the one people imagine me to be, I'm not it. I can never be. I'm just me.

Nonsense in the mornings.

You know you moved on when you love the memories but not the person; You know you're broken when you hate the memories but love the person. The problem is I neither moved on nor am I broken. It's like a scar that's ever present but doesn't seem to bother me anymore. Memories are scarred... Continue Reading →

Burnt papers, Fallen leaves And a heart that grieves; Scars that healed, Tears concealed, Love, the lust and greed; Broken promises Stolen kisses Wasted ink, Everything that disappeared in a blink Blood and scars, Sun and the stars Whisper tales of us Memories, victim to rust.

Morning, please motivate me. Just try.

"Every day is another chance to make things right." Meh. "It's a new day, it's a new life." Get lost. "Just do what you must without any expectations and you'll never be dissatisfied. Oh! Then I'll never be satisfied either because I had no expectations in the first place. Bullshit. "Start your day with positive... Continue Reading →

This !

When apologies go in vain And you're in love with pain I want you to look at me, Tell me you'll be back again Countless nights died in silence Waiting for your voice Cruel were the mornings Laughing at our goodbyes With all the ways closed Your intentions, still unclear I hope you don't regret... Continue Reading →

Morning motivation 3

Life: The joke's on you Me: But I'm laughing at you Never been a fan of optimism, don't like to be a pessimist either. All we gotta do is carry on like we don't have a choice (and that's a choice). Life is ironical, isn't it??


This shouldn't have happened. If it's really that unstoppable, I must take the fall, not the other. My favourite black jeans is now torn at my knee as I skid past the lorry trying to avoid crashing into the car that crossed us. Little did I know the disc brakes were so effective. I could... Continue Reading →

A silent Cry

Let my silence tell you I'm waiting Give me a sign Breathe life into my voice That's dying Give my heart a reason, Tears, a purpose.

My friend.

You held my hand when there was nobody to play with. You filled my eyes with dreams when I couldn't sleep. When everyone else bullied, you showed up to console. Remember the times we spoke for hours together on the stairs watching the stars?? I can't forget the lazy afternoons we spent counting the cars.... Continue Reading →


Far from what I was Shallow, without a cause In these hopeless streets, I wander Where to? I care not Umpteen faces pass by Exchanging empty smiles Lost and alone, in a land so dry I carry on for miles There came stones, There came puddles, Trees swung Revealing riddles Past the forests, and mountains,... Continue Reading →


The skies have never been clearer Stars, even brighter I have the time of my life, Lost in your eyes and laughter As the waves cleanse our feet I realise this is heaven, serene There stands behind us A sand castle, Teeny yet robust Watching your hair Flowing with the wind The night lost it's... Continue Reading →


Two wrinkled figures face each other in a coffee shop right beside the sidewalk. A mini chessboard with tiny pawns scattered on either sides lay on the table. "My father amassed a fortune when he returned from the war. While it had its own traumatic effects, war made him realise how important family is to... Continue Reading →

Deep within my mind There lay a thousand nightmares Struggling to express, failing to impress Watching them leave, no one stays Look into my heart, get your share Judge me, go on, nothing is fair Trying to hold your hand, Unfit to be your man Crying myself to sleep, Going back to where it all... Continue Reading →


"I'm not like other women." They said and they were all the same. "I'm just another woman." Said she, who made all the difference.

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