"Wow! I love the way he's honking. I should fall for him!" "Look at him performing insane stunts on his bike! I'm in love!" "Did you hear his mean and degrading comments? I love them! He's mine!" Said no girl ever. Your purple hair, the skinny town jeans, the excess of oil or hair gel... Continue Reading →


Nothing much here.

Engines roared despite being at a traffic signal with a red light on. The crowd's senseless honking made me go almost berserk but I kept my calm. A few people attempt riding in the wrong side of the road causing a blockade which led to even louder honking. A slow, cold breeze passed by easing... Continue Reading →


Over the hills and far away, I search for myself along the way; Where I rest is not my stop, Where I stop is not the end; The journey has just begun, my friend. Along came the wind, Around came the water, Nature is refuge, The sky is my shelter. I leap over the mountains,... Continue Reading →

Independence day.

The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved independence. -M.K.Gandhi We're not there yet but I hope we get there soon. Though flawed, I can say proudly say that India is the best when it comes to culture and traditions. We have... Continue Reading →


Hello friends! (No, I'm not gonna say 'chai peelo') I'm at a point where I don't know what to write anymore. I know this happened before but this time it's different. You don't believe how many times I've opened the editor and closed it after writing a few lines of something and then deleting the... Continue Reading →

Third year of blogging.

Hey there, fellas! I am more than happy to share this news with you all; it's been three years since I started this blog. My! How time flies! So much has changed from when I started writing, when I look back, all that loneliness looks back at me. This place has been my home for... Continue Reading →


Where has it gone? I remember shoving it inside the closet a month ago. I'm careless with things I think I'd never use. When I was a kid, an autorikshaw used to drop me at school. As I grew older, the modes of transportation have changed from bicycles to bus. With age came a rebellious... Continue Reading →

A state of mind

There was a time I flew above this illusion Masquerading as a man of all seasons Replacing my face With every mask that I could change The further I went, the better I could see Alas Every face I wore, killed a part of me Bodies of lies, A soul that cries Take over the... Continue Reading →

First kiss

"Hold my hand and pull me back when I attempt to run away. Okay?" She said, taking my hand into hers. "Okay but why are you holding my hand? I should hold yours." I said, looking at her face, elegant as ever. "Just do what I say." I had to say yes. Then, everything slowed... Continue Reading →

Old woman’s problem

Thin white hair spoke of her age and wrinkles, her life and clothes, her lifestyle. Dirt poor is what describes her best. Nobody seemed to care as the fragile old lady seemingly limped her way on the road. A nonchalant bystander was her first choice. She stood there for a few seconds and spoke something... Continue Reading →

That old feeling

Fifty minute drive through the irksome traffic landed us in the outskirts of my city. We're at a university headquarters, a temporary office adjacent to another engineering college. As it was past 9 AM, all the students rushed to their classes but a few could be seen roaming around the campus, in the ground and... Continue Reading →

What’s important??

So many movies, even more books, unending speeches from/of/by people tried to tell us that there's a meaning to the life we live. We're made to believe that the job we do, the food we eat, the friends we have and the house we live in are the results of good deeds we've done before... Continue Reading →

Agnostic thoughts.

If there's something I never understood, it's this: Gods and their formalities; people and their superstitions. Belief is never enough. Continuosly having to prove one's beliefs by doing things/rituals is sometimes tiring. Isn't praying proof enough?

Freedom of Expression Tag

Thanks Nameera, for this. This is something new to me since I never wrote anything on a topic given by others. This is my first try. Shoulder to shoulder, We sat together Exchanged books, shared desks We're friends, or That's what I thought But there you were, mocking me Scared to death, I had to... Continue Reading →


Well who thought I'd be eating raw veggies someday?? I despised eating any vegetable unless it's cooked. So IKEA opened it's store in my city yesterday and I got the passes to visit as it was open only to the employees and their family members on the first day. It's a sprawling five acre store... Continue Reading →


People often advise not to go with the crowd. Some want us to go with the crowd because most of them tasted success. What they don't get is the meaning of success is different for different people. We need to understand the fact that nothing is written in the stars, nothing is meant to be.... Continue Reading →

When I cook

Everything was ready. I minced onion with tears in my eyes, the oil is already in the frying pan and potatoes in the bowl are elegantly cut into little pieces. "I can do this." I said to myself. There went mustard, cumin, redgram and turmeric along with onions into the oil. A few seconds later... Continue Reading →

Burning bridges

From the edge it burns Every paper, taking turns All the ink on the paper, dark Gone to the flames Yes, that's my arc Raging smokes block my sight I'm getting rid of this tonight Ashes here, ashes there Is anyone there? Does anybody care? Consumed by fire, You perished, my dear; Here's to a... Continue Reading →

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