Two wrinkled figures face each other in a coffee shop right beside the sidewalk. A mini chessboard with tiny pawns scattered on either sides lay on the table. "My father amassed a fortune when he returned from the war. While it had its own traumatic effects, war made him realise how important family is to... Continue Reading →


Deep within my mind There lay a thousand nightmares Struggling to express, failing to impress Watching them leave, no one stays Look into my heart, get your share Judge me, go on, nothing is fair Trying to hold your hand, Unfit to be your man Crying myself to sleep, Going back to where it all... Continue Reading →


"I'm not like other women." They said and they were all the same. "I'm just another woman." Said she, who made all the difference.

Hanging over.

It's like something had exploded in my head and I can't seem to get out of my bed. My stomach hurts so much that it's sending all the undigested food back into my throat. I can neither throw up nor swallow. Dizziness hinders my movement. There's smoke all over, or is it my eyesight? I... Continue Reading →


Between sharing and being shy, When you say I'm hurt and apologize We lost each other With broken promises and a fake smile The shards of our friendship spread across miles Multitude of feelings have now died

Come back, friend.

Devouring my soul You left me alone with no one To console When all is said and done I'm lost with only tears left to show The fall has begun Of the castle that we built, stone by stone Clouds loomed over Where the sun once shone I search for your shoulder Sulking in the... Continue Reading →


Burning in your flame Taking all the blame Just a pawn in your game Winning and losing, it's all the same Cursing myself for being so lame Shaking in my boots everytime I say your name What have I become? I think and look at the frame Hating every ounce of myself as I watch... Continue Reading →

Epic fail.

Shaking in his boots, he mustered enough courage to pass through the black and rusty grill, still sweating and loathing. He knew if this backfired, it'd be his last day on Earth.The narrow staircase led him to another grill beyond which was a dim lit room with just enough ventilation to light it up in... Continue Reading →

Today’s thought.

Everybody is one in a million. Every person is once in a lifetime kind of person. People are neither unique nor the same. We make our own lives and fate. The paths we choose decide and define the people we meet. Let's look into each other for the mirrors we are!

Now I know.

I was scared of being alone and I ended up lonely. The fear of losing people took them away from me. Darkness scares me to death; my thoughts become darker with each passing day. I thought I was running away from the abyss. Now, as I look behind, I realise that I've been living in... Continue Reading →

Moving on

You know you moved on when you love the memories but not the person; You know you're broken when you hate the memories but love the person. It's a hard road either way. When people tell you time heals everything, don't believe them, it's a lie. You move on with time? No. Time moves on,... Continue Reading →

Made of flesh and bone Getting young, growing old Amidst the mountains, high and low In this river of Life, I row Tides of hope block my flow Winds whisper, "I told you so" Guided by wisdom Taking the path so old, Seeking courage in this world So cold I step into this land of... Continue Reading →

Flocking together

No matter where I am, I just need to see someone who belongs to my religion, or I'm lost. Said a guy in his late teens addressing my friend who practices the same religion. It hurts to see how much religion has become a human's sense of identity. People of same faiths often flock together... Continue Reading →

I rise

I lived a hundred lives Selling a million lies Travelled a thousand miles Wiping my tears and smiles Open my eyes, I survive Close them, for I die Suffocating as I fly, I dive Into the waters, To breathe and come back to life Naveena Shruthi: But your concerned eyes Spoke no lies Yet you... Continue Reading →


Life is hard, Said my father God watches over, it's written in the stars You need not bother All those stars, All those skies, Show you way, And test your might People come, people go Come what may, You shan't close the door Open your eyes, Look behind the disguise Beneath all these lies Lies... Continue Reading →


Twenty old photographs Letters filled with paragraphs Clothes that look like rags Bracelets without tags All those collectible cards Figurines with broken arms My interest in arts A perfume that smells like farts Everything, neatly packed In this bright designer box Near the wooden blocks, Between the broken clocks Lie there, no better than rocks... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

RULES Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the questions. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post/blog. Make a new set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer. Nominate 5-11 bloggers and share your post with them so they see it. Now,... Continue Reading →

Morning motivation

"I cannot laugh when I'm alone." "I don't care if anyone's around, I laugh when I have to." The above to were the statements from people I know. Though they're simple and nothing can be brought out of them, a mere observation can show you a drastic difference in personalities. One's an introvert and the... Continue Reading →

The path

Further towards the light, I run Shadows chase me to the horizon I sweat blood and stink of fear Clinging to some hope Knowing the end is near With every step I take, I realise it's my life that is at stake Dreams, not my own Nail me to the ground The road is dark,... Continue Reading →


An aimless soul A melancholic ghoul A game played foul Beware of the howl Always on the prowl When there's darkness around, Don't make a sound Hiding underground, Nowhere to be found Too scary to be true Darker than shadows, Morbid and cruel Wandering without a clue In your mind, It flew, About time you... Continue Reading →

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