About time

Have you ever had someone you walked somewhere for, just to catch a glimpse? No talking, no waving – just looking? They don’t make anything better; nothing goes bad either, but there you are anyway.
Waking up with thoughts like these leaves you in bed with a weird feeling, like there’s banana peel on the nose. I wonder how that feels like, I just said it. While you’re stuck in the inertia of the dream, the world moves ahead. About time I did.
Most things aren’t about time though.
At least to me.


18 thoughts on “About time

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    1. I think Bhareth is speaking about the time we take for granted… not the time we plan for, where we feel gain, or loss based on the considered outcome… but the time that slips through our fingers like water in an ocean, only to be loss when it strikes the greater body from whence it came…!


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